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Small Business, Eco-Conscious, Female Founded, Female Led, Female Owned, Made in America, Cruelty Free, Clean Beauty

Palermo Body is powerful self-care for your everyday.

We believe taking time for self-care is an intrinsic human need, and we're redefining what that means for our modern lives. Palermo Body creates products that nourish your skin, stimulate your mind, and come directly from nature, making the process of caring for yourself something you look forward to each day.

Return Policy: we don't typically accept returns, given the personal nature of beauty products.

An Effortless Plant-Powered Pick-Me-Up 

This refreshing blend of floral and plant waters soothes and hydrates thirsty skin while helping to balance skin’s natural pH and diminish the look of pores. Rose + Chamomile hydrosols help to calm irritation, while Witch Hazel gently tones skin’s appearance and targets inflammation. Skin’s pH can get thrown off from over-cleansing, fluctuating hormones, or even changes in weather. This gentle blend can help bring skin back into healthy balance.

Two sizes available: 4 oz / 2oz packaged in a glass bottle with mist sprayer in a box

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